HMI, Operator Panels and Touchscreens

Parker offers a variety of visualization HMI (human machine interfaces) software and hardware solutions for use with motors, drives, and controllers. The former provide features such as graphics, alarm, and networking modules whereas the l

HMI, Operator Panels and Touchscreens
  • IX InteractX PowerStation
    The IX PowerStation is an exciting addition to Parker's visualization portfolio.  Designed to bring the award winning power of InteractX to machine level HMI applications, the new IX hardware platform brings a sleek yet rugged frame.  This attractive design increases  robustness, efficiency, and computing power while decreasing panel thickness and required cabinet volume.

    New features Include:
    • 64 GB Solid State Drive
    • Bay Trail N2930 1.86GHz, Quad Core Processor
    • 4 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
    • Windows® Embedded Standard 7P
    • Sleek new Bezel Design and thinner profile

    The new IX industrial-hardened PowerStations provide big performance in a small platform. The IX is the perfect platform for HMI only applications, offering the software power, features and flexibility normally reserved for SCADA level applications in a robust, cost effective hardware platform.  The small form factor IX includes unlimited tag InteractX runtime Windows HMI. Unique InteractX screen scaling software allows advanced graphic applications to be downloaded and run on any IX PowerStation*.

    IX PowerStation - Features:
    • No display, 7”, 10.1”, 15.6” and 22” touchscreen displays
    • 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (No display option includes 3 x USB 2.0)
    • 2x Serial ports: 1 RS-232, 1 RS-232/422/485
    • 2 x 1 GB Ethernet ports
    • The no display option supports both HDMI and VGA out
    • Multiple control device connectivity
    • Slim profile with consistent features
    • HAZ-LOC
    • 12-24 VDC power

    Parker's InteractX™ offers one of the most advanced development interface and graphics of any Windows HMI, with the lowest installed cost and development complexity. You'll be able to use InteractX right out of the box, without special IT skills or assistance. It's user-friendly, visual design interface includes styles and templates that enable multiple users to quickly build applications with a  consistent “look and feel.” InteractX's toolbin allows custom tools or entire screens to be saved for drag and drop into other applications and easy sharing between designers.

    InteractX™ - Features:
    • Includes Quick Logging – start logging data in minutes
    • Full featured Historical Trending software
    • Supervisory-Level HMI aggregates data from multiple sources, including 3rd-party PLCs and HMI panels
    • Time-saving “Distributed HMI” integration with Interact Xpress
    • Scalable, lifelike graphics
    • No preset limits on pens or logs
    • Unlimited tags – no hidden costs
    • Over 60 standard communication drivers included
    • Sophisticated Recipe Management tools included
    • Preconfigured and custom Panel Tool library for quick screen development
    • Supports ActiveX controls for easy integration of 3rd-party tools
    • Includes VB for Applications (VBA) for easy customization
    • Vast 3rd-party OPC client/server support
    • Easy multi-language support
    • Includes Easy E-Sigs tools to simplify 21CFR11 compliance
  • XT Xpress PowerStation

    XT loaed with Xpress 4.1 provides intuitive tools for developing HMI applications that can reduce your development time by 30% over competing toolsets. Pair the XT, running Xpress, with the IX InteractX PowerStation, a supervisory HMI, to reduce your development time. The XT and IX can share screens and tags which reduces programming time up to 80% compared to traditional SCADA solutions!

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    Features / Benefits
    Loaded with Xpress 4.1 - With drag-and-drop programming and intuitive, pre-made tools the time to develop HMI applications is reduced by 30% over competitors. Unlimited tags and screens, real time trending, and historical alarm tools doesn't even scratch the surface of Xpress's capabilities.

    Remote Viewing - Xpress enables remote viewing, controlling, and editing of the HMI all from a browser. This allows machine builders to provide remote support and publish upgrades to applications at any global location where the XT is on a network. In addition, OEMs can add value by providing key information about the machine or process to the decision makers who need it. Parker provides tools to easily implement this type of functionality without the involvement of IT.

    Build in Security  - Xpress comes ready with pre-developed levels of security so designers can quickly create user profiles which limit access from specific screens down to the read/write access of specific tools. This ensures that when a user log's on the content is appropriate for the audience. For example, this enables a machine builder to provide screens to purchasing regarding material usage while also enabling the machine to be operated on the factory floor without interruption—a huge value to the customer. Users can also download Parker Remote Manager (RemoteMgr) app on Android and iOS device to extend these remote capabilities to nearly any mobile device.

    Note: Although the Xpress runtime comes pre-loaded and allows for remote, the Xpress Manager 4.1 development software is separate. The runtime allows for remote view, controlling, and editing of programs, but Xpress Manager provides the additional ability to configure communication drivers, manage multiple runtimes, and development capabilities when no XT is available to log into.

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  • PCA Industrial PC...
    Parker's Electromechanical and Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of the Industrial PC PowerStation which is an exciting addition to Parker's visualization portfolio.   The PCA is not a standard Industrial PC series; every aspect of its design protects against common failure modes to provide long-lasting and reliable operation and to eliminate machine downtime and maintenance. The PCA's fan-less design allows users to install-and-forget by avoiding the most common component failure in Industrial PCs—the fan. In addition, the PCA's vent-less design helps shield against metal filings and other contaminants from entering the unit, eliminating any need to internally dust or clean the unit.

    Often rigidity comes at the sacrifice of looks—this is not the case with the PCA's sleek cast-aluminum frame. Coupled with a mechanically reinforced SSD and intensive shock and vibration specifications, the PCA is meant to withstand the most intense industrial applications. Yet, its minimal bezel and cabinet depth provides a modern solution that reduces intrusion into the cabinet and minimizes installation area.

    The new Industrial PC PowerStation provides big performance in a small platform. The PCA is the perfect platform for any 3rd party or in-house developed control application, offering and impressively powerful yet cost effective hardware platform.

    Industrial PC PowerStation - Features:
    • No display, 7”, 10.1”, 15.6” and 22” touchscreen displays
    • 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (No display option includes 3 x USB 2.0)
    • 64 GB Solid State Drive
    • Bay Trail N2930 1.83 GHz, Quad Core Processor
    • 4 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
    • Windows® Embedded Standard 7P
    • Sleek new Bezel Design and thinner profile
    • 2x Serial ports: 1 RS-232, 1 RS-232/422/485
    • 2 x 1 GB Ethernet ports
    • The no display option supports both HDMI and VGA out
    • Multiple control device connectivity
    • Slim profile with consistent features
    • 12, 24 VDC voltage input
  • PT Parker PAC Terminal
    ====PAC Terminal – the Perfect thin-client HMI for the Parker Automation Controller====
    The PAC Terminal (PT) is a thin client HMI developed to work seamlessly with the Parker Automation Controller (PAC). With the PAC handling the control and HMI logic, the PT is responsible for displaying the embedded HMI as well as sending touch screen input from the user back to the PAC. As a thin client, the PT significantly reduces the overall system costs when compared to a traditional HMI—especially if it is desired for multiple PTs to connect to a single PAC.

    Brief Specs:
    • 7, 10.1, 15.6” 16:9 wide-screen options
    • Bezel available in aluminum or plastic
    • Analog-resistive touch technology
    • Running Android with Parker’s Remote Manager (RemoteMgr) App
    • Thin-client for the PAC controller and Parker XT Xpress Terminal stand-alone HMI
    • 12, 24 VDC power

    Download the data sheet for more detailed specifications

    ====About the Parker PAC and PAC Terminal all-in-one Machine Control Solution====
    The PAC is Parker’s all-in-one machine controls solution that combines PLC, HMI, and motion control functionality into a single device. Likewise, the PAC is programmed using a single integrated development environment (IDE) called Parker Automation Manager (PAM).

    Parker has chosen to standardized on the IEC 61131-3 programming language and PLCOpen motion control function blocks. This choice provides machine builders the ability to use traditional ladder diagram (LD) but also to take advantage of the latest control languages available such as structured text (rain), Continuous Function Chart (CFC) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC). IEC 61131-3 brings object oriented-like programming capabilities to the automation industry with the ability to create custom function blocks, libraries, and various data types. This allows OEMs to create modular code that can be re-used which significantly reduces the overall time to develop machines.

    The PAC makes motion control easy. Not only does it support the PLCOpen environment but it comes packed with tools such as the CAM table editor, CNC capabilities using .dxf to G-code converters, graphical motion path editing, and pre-made inverse kinematic function blocks for robotics such as delta and H-bots, SCARA, and gantry systems. Tightly coupled motion is made possible by leveraging the speed and distributed clock capability of EtherCAT. In addition to modular code design, EtherCAT allows modular hardware design by allowing users to connect to a near-unlimited number of EtherCAT devices including the PAC I/O local and remote I/O system, Parker P-series motors and drives, PSD servo drives, AC30 drives, and also 3rd-party EtherCAT devices. Although EtherCAT provides the backbone to the Parker control strategy, the PAC is capable of communicating Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCP, Ethernet TCP/IP to ensure that it can work in any control system architecture.

    Control engineers have two options when developing their HMI in PAM: either using WebVisu, a European-style visualization platform that is designed to easily integrate with the IEC 61131-3 programming language, or Parker’s incredibly popular and easy-to-use HMI, embedded Xpress. Both WebVisu and embedded Xpress provide remote capabilities by taking advantage of web publishing technology. Any remote client such as a browser, or mobile device using Parker’s Remote Manager (RemoteMgr) App can connect to the embedded HMI simply by entering in the PAC’s IP address and target application. This means that an unlimited number of devices can connect to the PAC including multiple PT units.

    The ability to provide a single solution and programming environment for PLC logic, HMI local and Remote visualization, as well as motion control makes the PAC an all-in-one machine controller capable of solving the most difficult applications with ease and reduced time to market.