Controller Devices and Accessories

Parker offers the industry's broadest selection of pneumatic, electromechanical, and hydraulic motion controllers, including stand-alone, multi-axis motion controllers, intelligent drives, and mobile controllers and accessories. Suitable fo

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  • Dźwignie i joysticki

    Parker's diverse selection of levers and joysticks includes mini and paddle-style, single-axis and two-axis analog joysticks designed for use in demanding mobile applications. They are available in a variety of formats and mounting and ins

  • Mobile Controller...
    Parker's diverse selection of mobile controller accessories includes IQAN address tags and terminating resistors for identifying IQAN CANBus system modules or controllers; Delphi, AMP Superseal, Deutsch and Molex connector kits that contain
  • Wyświetlacze do...

    Parker's diverse selection of mobile controller displays includes programmable IQAN master display units for use in machine applications, as graphical user interfaces, and as CAN gateways; HMI display modules for use in many mobile machines

  • Modemy do przenośnych...

    Parker's mobile controller modem offering comprises Bluetooth devices that allow wireless connection to IQAN master modules using smartphones or tablets for on- or off-site diagnostics as well as multiple band radio modems that can transmit

  • Czujniki do zastosowań...

    Parker controllers provide up to sixteen axes of coordinated motion control for complete electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Products include stand alone multi-axis motion controllers, integrated control and drive pac

  • Oprogramowanie...

    Parker's selection of mobile controller software includes IQAN design, run, and script software for all machine life phases, from development through production to after sales; ladder-logic programming tools for VMM system logic definition

  • Zestawy przyrządów

    Parker's selection of instrument clusters includes semi-custom, touch-screen instrument clusters for use in standard- and small-sized cabs in construction and industrial vehicles as well as in bus and coach applications .